Fake chewing gum is still a sticking point


It took Guangzhou prosecutors six months to collect evidence to bring three distributors of fake Wrigley chewing gum to court.

But their sentencing in August was no sweet victory as the company's products continue to be pirated.

'Other people are still violating our copyrights,' said Jennifer Wu, corporate affairs director of Wrigley in Guangzhou. 'It's not just one or two people but many small groups and underground factories.'

Ms Wu said the fakers were careful not to leave any clues that could lead to their discovery.

Prosecutors need to present evidence to prove that at least 50,000 yuan (HK$47,000) worth of fake gum has been sold before they can take a counterfeiting case to court.

Ms Wu said that although the company was having problems with counterfeiters, they were not serious.

The Guangzhou government was supportive because it realised the need to create a favourable investment climate.

'We are in constant contact with law enforcement officers. We report offences to them,' she said.

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