Eddie Hui's problem


THE new Commissioner of Police, Eddie Hui Ki-on, will have to deal with a range of complicated decisions set aside by his predecessor, Li Kwan-ha.

Mr Hui, 50, who yesterday assumed the force's top job, is set to move quickly on the backlog of proposed policy and operational reforms either ignored or not confronted because of indecision.

Sources say he may also seek to revive a number of matters that caused much recent heartache in senior ranks.

However, it is expected he will remain publicly silent on his blueprint for change until a Legislative Council security panel hearing on July 11.

Mr Hui is set to be questioned at length by legislators on the future direction of policing, his view on witness security, cross-border co-operation and his style of leadership.

He may also be asked to comment on the Organised and Serious Crimes Bill, which has been delayed in Legco for 30 months.

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