China has no reason to feel threatened in the South China Sea

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Chinese warships and fighter jets take part in a military display in the South China Sea on April 12. Photo: Reuters

I was very disheartened by your editorial, “Strong navy needed to steer rise of China in uncertain world” (April 14). My question to the editor would be: “Why?”

Does China feel threatened in some way? While condemning the coalition bombing of Syria as contravening the UN Charter, China has refused to acknowledge the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea with regard to ownership of the South China Sea.

It has defied the legitimate claims of the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. It protests at the legitimate claims to freedom of navigation from almost all world powers. It has reclaimed and militarised numerous islands and shoals in the disputed islands and has now installed communications-jamming facilities.

It just held live-fire naval exercises in the Taiwan Strait and continually threatens Taiwan with the possibility of invasion.

If there is a belligerent entity in the South China Sea, it is China alone. The last thing the region needs is a power capable of bullying its neighbours even more than it already does.

John Dainton, Pok Fu Lam

South China Sea
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