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Star athlete and part-time model Yeung Man-wai hoping to make Tokyo Olympics after smashing Hong Kong high jump record

Popular Instagram star knocks five centimetres off her own local mark, but knows she still has a lot of hard work to do to make it to Japan in 2020

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Hong Kong high-jumper Cecilia Yeung Man-wai is hoping to make the Tokyo Olympics after smashing her own local record at the Asian Athletics Grand Prix.

Yeung jumped 1.88m in Taiwan to win gold, a massive step up from her previous mark of 1.83.

The qualifying standard for Rio 2016 was 1.93, so the 23-year-old still has a lot of improvement to go if she is to make it to Japan in 2020.

But after taking up training full-time and focusing more on her diet, Yeung is hopeful she can continue to get better and better.

“I was hoping to get 1.86, I couldn’t expect that good a result,” she told local media on her return to Hong Kong from Taipei. She will return there in a Hong Kong vest for the World University Games in August.


“My goal is 2020, I know that this process will be hard, but I want to make myself constantly progress in pursuit of this goal.

“Before, seeing 1.90m or the Olympics would have been a dream, but reaching 1.88m shows me I’m capable of more.

“Now my goal is to consolidate my performance around 1.84m and step by step try to become Hong Kong’s first woman high jumper to reach the Olympics.

Part-time model Yeung’s popular Instagram page is packed with pics of her favourite food, but she said she had dropped 2 kilogrammes and reduced her body fat to 17 per cent as she pursued a more intensive training and dietary programme to get more explosive off her marks.

“Food control is the most painful, I love to eat and have a fat physique! [But] world-class athletes, their bodies are so strong and slender, I think of them and know I have to work harder.”

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